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GOP lobby class such as McCain campaign hack Rick Davis equates Ross Perot voters with Tea Party, hates both, thinks they’re scum. Tea Party gave GOP nationwide landslides in 2010 but GOP ignores them like plague-Rush Limbaugh

December 17, 2013

12/17/13, “How the Consultant Class Views the Tea Party,” Rush Limbaugh transcript


“There’s a story I have in the Stack here today….Some hack who used to work for McCain. There’s video of this guy talking to some Republicans and he’s ripping into the Tea Party, and he’s warning all these Republicans to stay away from them. They’re nothing but anti-government, anti- this, a bunch of Ross Perot types. 

Now, that was interesting, because this guy probably represents the thinking of a lot of mainstream establishment Republicans. To them, the Tea Party is no different — they’re called “hordes” by this guy –– the Tea Party is no different than the people who supported Perot, the anti-debt, anti-spending, small government, dedicated constitutionalists. The Perot people were looked at as a bunch of hayseeds. They were looked at as single-issue, tunnel-vision hicks to one degree or another. The Perot types were not necessarily the Christian right or pro-lifers. 

Perot, back in 1992, was on an anti-Big Government, government involvement, government getting too big campaign, and he did attract millions of people, and the Republican Party establishment absolutely hated it, despised it, and they equate the Tea Party today with that, at least this guy.  I’ll have to find that.  It’s somewhere in the e-mail that I didn’t print out.  But there’s an all-out assault of the Tea Party at the Republican establishment level. Boehner has engaged in it.  And it’s a fascinating take that the Tea Party are riding to the rescue of these guys that have been kidnapped by the left. And the rescuers are sent away. Stockholm Syndrome. I like it….

Here it is, folks. Somebody sent me a video of Rick Davis, and the note here: “If you want to get your blood boiling, watch the first five minutes of this with Rick Davis of the McCain campaign, describing the Tea Party movement as burn the government down Republicans, warmed over Ross Perot wing, close-the-market protectionists.” Rick Davis of the McCain campaign.  And that’s an accurate depiction of what they think….

The Republicans made no effort to connect to that group of people, and in fact wanted distance from them. It’s been a frustrating and confusing thing ever since. The Republican Party has had I don’t know how many chances to connect at a gut level with majorities of Americans.  Just take a look Obamacare. There has never been a majority in support of it. There has always been a majority opposition to Obamacare. The Democrats have been sweating this out, scared of it ever since 2010,

It’s not all just Tea Party types opposed to Obamacare. There’s a lot of moderates, independents, Democrats opposed to it, waiting to be led, waiting to be connected to by political party with leadership helping to stamp it out, roll it back, get rid of it, preserve the future. And nothing. Literally nothing. And it’s gotten worse now. Now, this Rick Davis is simply speaking for the entire GOP consultant class, folks. “You Tea Party people, you want to burn the government down. You want to burn the government, you protectionists!”  That means you are for anti-amnesty and you don’t like spending and all. You’re the kooks and oddballs and you represent a bigger threat to the Republican Party, they think, than the Democrats do. It’s that convoluted.”


11/3/10, “After GOP landslide of Election 2010, what next for Obama?”, Linda Feldman

Republicans scored at least a 60-seat gain in the House, the biggest partisan shift since the Democrats gained 75 House seats in 1948. In the Senate, the Republicans fell short of the 10 they needed to take control…

The historic wave that makes Rep. John Boehner (R) of Ohio the expected next speaker of the House also hands Mr. Obama the biggest challenge of his political career. Suddenly, the president has no choice but to work toward his unfulfilled 2008 campaign promise of greater bipartisanship. The alternative is gridlock and the appearance of ineffectiveness.:…


Twenty-two state legislative chambers changed majority control in the 2010 election cycle—all in the direction of the GOP.”

12/9/10, “Legislature Landslide, GOP makes historic state legislative gains in 2010, University of Va. Center for Politics, Larry Sabato Crystal Ball, Tim Storey guest columnist

“The New York state Senate was the 20th legislative chamber picked up by Republicans in the 2010 elections. In addition to gaining new majorities in 20 chambers, Republicans won enough seats in Oregon to tie the House at 30-30. Adding insult to injury, they also took a numerical majority in the Louisiana House when a Democratic representative switched parties, leaving that chamber with 51 Republicans and 50 Democrats along with four independents.

By this point, the overused weather clichés have all been trotted out. Whether you call it a hurricane, a tsunami or a seismic shift, it was an historic election at the state level for the GOP. By adding over 720 legislative seats to their column in the past two years, Republicans easily cleared the 1994 expectations bar. In 1994, the last big wave election, they netted over 500 seats and the majority in 20 legislative bodies.

  • There are now more Republican state legislators (3,941)
  • than at any point since they held 4,001 seats after the 1928 election.

With bulked up numbers at the state level, Republicans are now in their best position for the looming redistricting process since the modern era of redistricting began following the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Baker v. Carr in 1962.”


Image above from Rush Limbaugh.


McCain campaign hack Rick Davis compromised American interests in Russia and Ukraine:

6/20/2008, McCain Lobbyist Scandal Continues: Government Warned Senator That Campaign Manager Was Undermining National Interests,” Huffington Post

The lobbying firm of McCain campaign manager Rick Davis acted in direct opposition to American foreign interests, which prompted a warning to McCain’s Senate office from the United States government, according to a recent New York Times article.

Much has been reported about Rick Davis, top McCain adviser and lobbyist whose company, Davis Manafort, made its fortune in part by accepting jobs that didn’t require employees to register as lobbyists.

Davis has been in particular hot water for his company’s work with pro-Russian Ukranian political candidates; Davis arranged for one of Putin’s allies to meet with McCain during the time. However, the New York Times has managed to take that already embarrassing story and make it even worse:

Mr. McCain may have first become aware of Davis Manafort’s activities in Ukraine as far back as 2005. At that time, a staff member at the National Security Council called Mr. McCain’s Senate office to complain that Mr. Davis’s lobbying firm was undercutting American foreign policy in Ukraine, said a person with direct knowledge of the phone call who spoke on condition of anonymity. A campaign spokesman, when asked whether such a call had occurred, referred a reporter to Mr. McCain’s office. The spokesman there, Robert Fischer, did not respond to repeated inquiries. Such a call might mean that Mr. McCain has been long aware of Mr. Davis’s foreign clients. Mr. Davis took a leave from his firm at the end of 2006.

This isn’t the only time when Davis’ business interests have appeared counter to those of the United States: Davis’ Ukranian contacts shared several business ties with Iran. McCain suffered from a perception problem last month when the extent of his lobbying connection caused him campaign to fire several key staffers, as well as institute a new conflict-of-interest policy. The McCain camp has said that Davis is unaffected by the policy, as its implementation is not retroactive. Davis is no longer registered as a lobbyist.”

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