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Republicans “want to care, but are so imprisoned by their ideology they can’t offer anything meaningful.” Washington Post cheers GOP Establishment loser Paul Ryan as “kinder, gentler” not like “angry, nativist” Tea Party

November 19, 2013

About the Establishment GOP: ““They want to care,” Bartlett said of (Paul) Ryan and modern Republicans. “But they’re so imprisoned by their ideology that they can’t offer anything meaningful.””…

11/18/13, “Paul Ryan, GOP’s budget architect, sets his sights on fighting poverty and winning minds,” Washington Post, Lori Montgomery

Paul Ryan is ready to move beyond last year’s failed presidential campaign and the budget committee chairmanship that has defined him to embark on an ambitious new project: Steering Republicans away from the angry, nativist inclinations of the tea party movement and toward the more inclusive vision of his mentor, the late Jack Kemp….

Advisers say Ryan’s immediate goal is to become chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee when Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) steps down in 2015. That would give him an ideal perch to advance an expanded agenda that combines an overhaul of the tax code and federal health and retirement programs

His (Ryan’s) idea of a war on poverty so far relies heavily on promoting volunteerism and encouraging work through existing federal programs, including the tax code. That’s a skewed version of Kempism, which recognizes that “millions of Americans look to government as a lifeline,” said Bruce Bartlett, a historian who worked for Kemp and has become an acerbic critic of the modern GOP.

“They want to care,” Bartlett said of Ryan and modern Republicans. “But they’re so imprisoned by their ideology that they can’t offer anything meaningful.””…

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Along with GOP Establishment loser Paul Ryan, the media has selected Chris Christie, an approved “Republican” because he fits the mold of a long line of Republican losers:

11/12/13, Chris Christie: The New Tom Dewey, Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator. “The Time story is quite damaging indeed.”

With the government-driven crash of both the housing and health care sectors of the American economy fresh in the memory, it is nothing if not bizarre for a Republican of any serious moment to seriously think all of this government involvement in the American private sector should be just trimmed along the edges, moderated or dealt with in non-ideological fashion. Supported in some fashion as the obvious

the latter term applied to Dewey himself in 1982 by a sympathetic biographer when a young George W. Bush was known if at all as just the vice president’s son….

What does “getting things done” mean if one is an Establishment Republican?

It merely means moving the government and the nation left at a slower rate, maybe a half-dozen ratchets at a time instead of hundreds of leftward ratchets at a time.

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