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Australia seeks as always to be a good international citizen but doesn’t define that as transferring hard earned Australian taxpayer earnings to the UN for excess CO2 that only exists in China

November 11, 2013

11/11/13, Climate tax, aid, and fees off the table as cabinet toughens stance, The Australian, Greg Sheridan (this article is subscription)

Portions of this article are quoted in blog post below from JoNova:


11/11/13, “Australia says “No” to UN wish list of billions – will “not support socialism masquerading as environmentalism”,”

Essentially, the new Australian government ‘s message to the UN is: we are reducing CO2, but we’re not giving you a cent. Furthermore, if the science becomes muddier, we might drop it. We don’t think this UN meeting is remotely important and we have better things to do. And when it comes to wealth transfer through the UN the answer is No. Thank. You.

The Australian has seen part of the document and it declares that, while Australia will remain “a good international citizen” and remains “committed to achieving the 5 per cent reduction” by 2020 of the 2000 levels of emissions, it will not sign up to any new agreement that involves spending money or levying taxes.” – The Australian

“The government’s document also says that Australia “will not support any measures which are socialism masquerading as environmentalism”

The document’s commitment that the government “will review its commitment in 2015 in light of the science and international developments” deliberately allows a range of policy outcomes.

In the unlikely event that all major economies move in a concerted way, Australia could join in. However, the language provides that if the science becomes more unclear, and if nations move away from their earlier enthusiasm for action, then Australia also could wind back its efforts.

The timing of the Warsaw conference on climate change is difficult for the government. It has decided that neither Environment Minister Greg Hunt nor Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will attend.

The Abbott government does not expect any significant progress to occur at the Poland meeting.

Ms Bishop will be at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting while part of the conference is on, and then at the annual AUSMIN talks as the Warsaw conference draws to a conclusion.

The government regards AUSMIN, the annual foreign and defence ministers’ meeting between Australia and the US, as vastly more important.

Mr Hunt will be in parliament supervising the introduction of the legislation to repeal the carbon tax while the Warsaw conference is on. However, the government would most likely not have sent a minister in any circumstances as it does not believe the meeting will be of great significance.

Mr Abbott has been strongly critical of agreements in which Australian funds are used to buy permits that are meant to fund cuts to greenhouse gas reductions in other countries – a key mechanism in the global talks.

The Coalition based its criticism of Labor policy on official forecasts showing Australian emissions would rise over time and that the 5 per cent target was only reached by purchasing overseas permits at an eventual cost of $150bn a year in 2050.

“This is by far the biggest wealth transfer from Australians to foreigners that’s ever been contemplated,” Mr Abbott said of purchasing offshore carbon permits.”

Read the full story at – The Australian” via Tom Nelson


An earlier 11/7/13 Australian article notes while Environment Minister Greg Hunt won’t be attending the Warsaw UN “climate” summit, he favors an eventual global climate treaty. Unfortunately, this renders him a science denier, since China is the only country that can significantly lower global CO2 (see charts and links below). Or perhaps the historic wealth transfer excites him. UN IPCC official Edenhofer freely states it’s not about climate, it’s about wealth transfer.

11/7/13, “Australia snubs global climate talks, as Greg Hunt stays home to repeal carbon tax,” The Australian, Ben Packham

The Environment Minister, who’d been expected to attend the talks, yesterday cancelled scheduled briefings on the Warsaw talks with business representatives, lobby groups and foreign diplomats….

While no major decisions will be made at Warsaw, it’s expected the meeting will build momentum in the lead-up to major negotiations for a global agreement on cutting greenhouse gases in Paris in 2015….

While no major decisions will be made at Warsaw, it’s expected the meeting will build momentum in the lead-up to major negotiations for a global agreement on cutting greenhouse gases in Paris in 2015. – See more at:

Asked about the decision, Mr Hunt’s spokesman said the talks were a foreign affairs issue. Australia’s stance at the upcoming meeting was due to be considered by federal cabinet on Monday.

Lobby groups said other nations were anxious to see what role Australia would play in global climate change negotiations under a Coalition government.

Speaking to reporters this morning, Mr Hunt said Australian delegates to the UN climate summit in Poland will seek a “deep, strong international agreement”.”...


UN climate official Edenhofer freely states it’s not about climate, rather an historic redistribution of wealth:

11/14/10: “”But one must say clearly: We distribute by climate policy de facto the world’s wealth around. …This has to do with environmental policy… almost nothing.…The climate summit in Cancun end of the month is not a climate conference, but one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War.”

Ottmar Edenhofer

11/14/10, Climate policy distributes the assets new world,” NZZamSontag, Bernard Potter 

Climate protection has hardly anything to do with environmental protection, says the economist Ottmar Edenhofer. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which it relates to the distribution of resources.”

China dominates CO2 2005 to 2011, energy related, US EIA (US Energy Dept.), WSJ, April 2013

4/18/13, Rise in U.S. Gas Production Fuels Unexpected Plunge in Emissions,” WSJ, Russell Gold


6/10/13, China dominates 2012 CO2, Chart from IEA report. (This chart is 2012 only, chart above is 2005-2011) :


2/26/13, “Tough Truths from China on CO2 and Climate,” Andrew Revkin, NY Times, Dot Earth

“I’m way overdue to post excerpts here from an extraordinary recent China Dialogue with Zou Ji, the deputy director of China’s National Center for Climate Change Strategy. (China Dialogue is a fascinating independent dual-language blog…).

The interview is blunt and crystal clear in laying out the demographic and economic realities that will, for many years to come, slow any shift from Chinese dependence on coal. Zou Ji has a remarkable resume for someone now working inside the Chinese establishment, having worked previously as the China director for the World Resources Institute.”…


6/4/12, Climate change stunner: USA leads world in CO2 cuts since 2006,” Vancouver Observer, Saxifrage


11/29/12, 134 scientists write to UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon, asking him to desist from blaming climate disasters on global warming that hasn’t happened:

Global warming that has not occurred cannot have caused the extreme weather of the past few years.”…“The NOAA “State of the Climate in 2008” report asserted that 15 years or more without any statistically-significant warming would indicate a discrepancy between observation and prediction. Sixteen years without warming have therefore now proven that the models are wrong by their creators’ own criterion.”…(2nd parag. fr. end of letter).  …Policy actions that aim to reduce CO2 emissions are unlikely to influence future climate. Policies need to focus on preparation for, and adaptation to, all dangerous climatic events, however caused.”…Special to Financial Post, 12/10/12 


9/20/13, US EPA freely states its ban on new coal plants will have no effect on CO2 emissions, page 346, Sept. 20, 2013 document submitted to Fed. Register.


BBC discussion suggests a pause in confiscation of taxpayer dollars in the face of two problems, that temperatures have remained flat since 1998 and CO2 has increased. Money was diverted based on predicted outcomes that didn’t happen which “peer reviewed literature regards as established yet unexplained:

7/22/13, “Andrew Neil on Ed Davey climate change interview critics,” BBC, Andrew Neil

Multi-billion dollar “spending decisions, paid for by consumers and taxpayers...might not have been taken (at least to the same degree or with the same haste) if global warming was not quite the imminent threat it has been depicted….The recent standstill in global temperatures is a puzzle. Experts do not know why it is occurring or how long it will last....There is no consensus. Extensive peer-reviewed literature regards it as established yet unexplained. It is widely accepted that the main climate models which inform government policy did not predict it.”... (subhead, “Reputable evidence”)


CO2 doesn’t cause “global warming” or “climate change:”

30 year peer reviewed scientific study, Jan. 1980-Dec. 2011, finds in all cases CO2 lags temperatures, never precedes temperature change. Scientists:The common notion of globally dominant temperature controls exercised by atmospheric CO2 is in need of reassessment.”
January 2013, “The phase relation between atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperature,” Global and Planetary Change,

Ole Humluma, b, Corresponding author contact information, E-mail the corresponding author,Kjell Stordahlc, Jan-Erik Solheimd 

a Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo, P.O. Box 1047 Blindern, N-0316 Oslo, Norway, b Department of Geology, University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), P.O. Box 156, N-9171 Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway, c Telenor Norway, Finance, N-1331 Fornebu, Norway, d Department of Physics and Technology, University of Tromsø, N-9037 Tromsø, Norway

[Green line is global CO2, red line is surface temps., blue line is ocean temps., Jan. 1980-Dec. 2011]



Using data series on atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperatures we investigate the phase relation (leads/lags) between these for the period January 1980 to December 2011….

In our analysis we use eight well-known datasets:

1) globally averaged well-mixed marine boundary layer CO2 data, 2) HadCRUT3 surface air temperature data,
3) GISS surface air temperature data,
4) NCDC surface air temperature data,
5) HadSST2 sea surface data,
6) UAH lower troposphere temperature data series,
7) CDIAC data on release of anthropogene CO2, and
8) GWP data on volcanic eruptions.”…


1/18/13,Climate change: scientists puzzle over halt in global warming,Der Spiegel, by Axel Bojanowski (translation from German)
The British Met Office forecast even more recently that the temperature interval could continue at a high level until the end of 2017 – despite the rapidly increasing emissions of greenhouse gases. Then global warming would pause 20 years.”…”The exact reasons of the temperature standstill since 1998, are not yet understood,” says climate researcher Doug Smith of the Met Office.
.UK Met Office chart via Der Spiegel

  • ============================
For over 30 years US politicians have been funneling US taxpayer dollars to cronies in the name of something that doesn’t exist, human caused CO2 terror. Actual problems have been starved of money because cronies come first:
Climate Change: Federal Expenditures for Science and Technology,Michael M. Simpson,  Specialist in Life Sciences, Resources, Science, and Industry Division, John R. Justus, Specialist in Earth and Ocean Sciences Resources, Science, and Industry Division, Congressional Research Service, ˜ The Library of Congress

“For over 25 years there have been federal programs directly or indirectly related to climate change. This report identifies and discusses direct climate-focused scientific and research programs of the federal government, as well as an array of energy programs that relate indirectly to climate change.”…

Distinguished scientist says the notion of global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist.”…
The late Harold Lewis was Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, former Chairman; Former member Defense Science Board, chmn of Technology panel:
8/10/2010, Hal Lewis: My Resignation From The American Physical Society,Global Warming Policy Foundation

“It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist.”…

4/21/12, “Why Emissions Are Declining in the U.S. But Not in Europe,”, Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus
It wasn’t that long ago that the U.S. was cast as the global climate villain, refusing to sign the Kyoto accord while Europe implemented cap and trade. But, as we note below in a new article for Yale360, a funny thing happened: U.S. emissions started going down in 2005 and are expected to decline further over the next decade, while Europe’s cap and trade system has had no measurable impact on emissions.
Even the supposedly green Germany is moving back to coal. Why? The reason is obvious: the U.S. is benefitting from the 30-year, government-funded technological revolution that massively increased the supply of unconventional natural gas, making it cheap even when compared to coal.
The contrast between what is happening in Europe and what is happening in the U.S. challenges anyone who still thinks pricing carbon and emissions trading are more important to emissions reductions than direct and sustained public investment in technology innovation.”
Comment: The “climate” movement has always been about one thing, the US taxpayer. It exists today because decades of US politicians decided they loved money more than their country. If you believe CO2 is poisonous, China is the only country you should be talking to. China CO2 dwarfs that of any other country as seen in charts above. Whatever other countries sacrifice in order to lower their CO2 is immediately negated by China which has no plans to reduce its coal usage nor to relinquish management of its country.
FEDERAL cabinet has ruled that Australia will not sign up to any new contributions, taxes or charges at this week’s global summit on climate change, in a significant toughening of its stance as it plans to move within days to repeal the carbon tax. – See more at:

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