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UK NHS in crisis, 3500 deaths due to blunders in 2012, staffer who hid a surgeon’s 40% death rate was promoted, systemic failure led by bloated staff of well paid bureaucrats

November 10, 2013

11/9/13, “MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: The NHS has reached its crisis point,” UK Daily Mail Comment

For more than 65 years the National Health Service has occupied a sainted position in British life.

Even the most radical, right-leaning Governments have hesitated before embarking on reforms which could be characterised by opponents as ‘cuts’.

In recent years, however, the halo has slipped dramatically.

The first alarm was sounded with revelations about overstretched Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments and shamefully crowded wards.

Now, details from a secret report on Wexham Park Hospital have provided devastating confirmation.

It is an anatomy of a system in crisis – an intricate dissection of the

problems at every level of the Health Service.

Who would want to be operated on by a surgeon if they knew his death rate

At Wexham Park it was not just kept quiet: the consultant was promoted. And

  • when a fellow surgeon tried to raise the alarm,

The report highlights huge structural problems, with a top-heavy cadre of bureaucrats spending their time – and our money – feuding with each other, against a backdrop of deepening financial problems and a chronic bed shortage.

Shockingly, we have also established that 3,500 people died last year because  of NHS blunders, a rise of a quarter in just a year.

Urgent reform is vital. But the plans to turn A&E into a two-tier system, as we also report today, are a regressive step.

Splitting the departments into a few ‘super A&Es’ and a smattering of smaller centres will lead to

  • dangerously long journeys for critically ill patients.

Experts have warned that the NHS could hit breaking point if we have a hard winter. Our findings suggest that stage has already been reached.” via Free Rep.

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