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Contrary to predictions of GOP Establishment and Democrats, Virginia voters didn’t blame government ‘shutdown’ on Republicans. Even in state with many gov. workers, exit polls show voters split blame-The Hill

November 7, 2013

11/6/13, Exit polls: Shutdown had limited impact in Cuccinelli loss, The Hill, Cameron Joseph

“Democratic predictions that the government shutdown would drag down Republicans didn’t play out in Virginia, according to exit polls, a sign that the issue might not boost the party in 2014 as much as Democrats had hoped.

While Democrats won Virginia’s gubernatorial election, exit polls show almost as many voters blame President Obama for the shutdown as blame House Republicans.

According to the Virginia exits, 48 percent said they blamed Republicans for the government shutdown, with 45 percent blaming Obama.

That’s a much narrower split than was found in national polling on the issue following the shutdown.

If the shutdown didn’t move votes in Virginia, a swing state with a disproportionate number of federal workers, less than a month after it occurred, it’s unclear whether voters in red states a year from now will turn out to vote against Republicans on the same issue….

Republicans argue that the Virginia race tightened because of ObamaCare, though the exit polls found a similarly narrow split on the law.”…

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