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Romney campaign finance chair Spencer Zwick is prepared to ‘work against’ Utah Sen. Mike Lee. Rally for Sen. Mike Lee Sat., 11/2/13 in South Jordan, Utah (details)

November 1, 2013

10/31/13, On MSNBC: “She (Jon Huntsman’s daughter Abby)  noted that former Romney campaign finance chair Spencer Zwick is prepared to “work against” Lee. “I’ve got some insider Utah politics for you,” Huntsman continued. “I hear Mitt Romney’s son, Josh Romney, has been looking for an opening to run for office in Utah.”


11/1/13, Rally in support of Sen. Mike Lee, Utah. Details here, Mark Levin twitter

“DAY AND TIME: This Saturday, 11:00 AM
LOCATION: Riverfront West Park
South Jordan, UT
(Near Lifetime Fitness)”


10/31/13, MSNBC’s Abby Huntsman Advises Josh Romney to Challenge Utah’s Mike Lee in Primary… From the Left,Mediaite, Noah Rothman.


10/15/13, “Boehner to Tea Party: Shut Yourself Down,” Bloomberg News, Margaret Carlson
If Lee survives that primary contest, there’s an excellent chance that Democratic Representative Jim Matheson — who’s been gerrymandered into unwinnable districts twice but still wins — could win a statewide race in the reddest state in the country….By 2012, the establishment was back in charge, and Bennett got a long and loud standing ovation. At that same convention, Senator Orrin Hatch easily won the nomination and re-election.
Here’s another suggestion for thank-you notes: “Dear Senator Bennett, thank you for taking one for the establishment. Signed, Senator Hatch.””…
From Utah summit of political elites in June Josh Romney speaks to media about need for bipartisanship. [Translation: We’re all democrats now so let’s just get on with things. ed.]
6/7/13,Romney’s Utah summit urges post-partisan cooperation,” Salt Lake Tribune, Thomas Burr

Seven months after losing the election, Mitt Romney urged a gathering in Utahof the nation’s political bigwigs and top business leaders to step past partisan bickering and discuss solutions to some of the nation’s pressing problems.

In a closed-door forum this week in Park City, the former Republican presidential nominee listed the many concerns facing America — from its debt to its economic instability — and suggested to a bipartisan crowd that they use their influence to tackle them.

“He’s kind of showing the way he would have led as president,” son Josh Romney, a Utahn, told The Salt Lake Tribune after the event Friday. “It showed the kind of person my dad is and what kind of president he would have been, you know, [that] he would have got past the personal stuff, past the petty stuff and take the real issues head on.

The forum’s speakers included some of the political classes’ leading luminaries, including President Barack Obama’s top adviser, David Axelrod, and several potential White House Republican contenders, such as Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Rand Paul, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, as well as Democratic Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper..
The event was closed to the news media, though Josh Romney said there were about 200 attendees and a solid discussion of how folks from both sides of the aisle could find compromise.”..


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