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US gov. shutdown puts damper on planned EU trade talks. Which is a plus. P.S. Ms. Lagarde, we couldn’t care less what you think about anything. Mind your own business.

October 5, 2013

10/4/13, “US government shutdown halts EU free tradetalks,” BBC

Negotiations on a sweeping free trade pact between the US and the EU have been postponed because of a partial government shutdown in America.

US officials had been due in Brussels next week to discuss the deal aimed at boosting bilateral ties. US President Barack Obama earlier cancelled his trip to Asia because of the shutdown.

The US government closed non-essential operations on Tuesday after Congress failed to agree a new budget. Since then hundreds of thousands of government employees have not been working or paid.

On Friday, US trade representative Michael Froman informed the EU that financial and staffing constraints made it impossible to send a full negotiating team to Brussels....

Secretary of State John Kerry will attend the Apec gathering and the East Asia summit in Brunei in Mr Obama’s place, the White House said….

Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said warned earlier that a failure to raise the US debt ceiling would be a far worse threat to the global economy than the current shutdown.

She said it was “mission critical” that the US agreed a new debt limit. Ms Lagarde’s comments were echoed by the US Treasury.”…


BBC  “Analysis”

This is the most recent example of the ongoing problem Mr Boehner has controlling the Republican caucus, especially a rebellious faction hailing from solidly conservative, mostly rural areas across the country.

They’ve been called the “suicide caucus” in reference to their disregard for their party’s survival. In national security debates, immigration reform, disaster relief, defence authorisations, and even agriculture funding, Mr Boehner has found his position undermined by these rebellious legislators.

But these representatives reflect the will of the voters who sent them to Washington, a decidedly different demographic than America at large.

This has forced Mr Boehner to operate more like the tolerant head of a coalition government than an iron-fisted speaker of a past era, who could make or break a politician’s career at will.”

“Republican ‘suicide caucus’


Comment for Mr. Zurcer by Susan: Mr. Zurcer, democrats are also involved in the shut down, not just some GOP hicks. I live on the east side of Manhattan and support the GOP congressmen 100%. The GOP congressmen we’ve brought in since Nov. 2010 most certainly reflect mainstream America, contrary to what you may have heard. As far as the GOP as a functioning political party, it’s been dead a long time. It was deliberately killed off by the Bush crowd who merged it with the democrats and turned the country over to the radical left. The US is supposed to have a two party system–little enough variety but absolutely preferable to the one party dictatorship the Bush crowd left us with. The remaining GOP establishment–which is still very much controlled by the Bush crowd–loves big, socialized government, wants the same things democrats want. This leaves roughly half the population of the US without political representation in the Beltway. After the Nov. 2008 elections, there were almost no Republicans left in the House–and deservedly so. That freak occurrence and the freak manner in which ObamaCare was passed, have led us to the present US shut down.

From my side’s point of view, call it the Tea Party, the Silent Majority, or whatever, the shut down is about shutting down ObamaCare. It’s not about people in the sticks. It’s about the US political class deciding to operate without consideration of the will of the voters. No one wants ObamaCare. We gave John Boehner a flood of new people in Nov. 2010 for one reason–to defund ObamaCare. Boehner has refused to ever bring a defunding measure to the floor. Did you know that? The House has voted many times to “repeal” but of course that’s meaningless. The House can defund ObamaCare without approval of the Senate or the president. Boehner and the GOP establishment love ObamaCare as much as democrats do and they couldn’t care less that it’s terrible for the country or that most people don’t want it. On top of that, the Supreme Court didn’t allow ObamaCare as a matter of commerce, it allowed it only as a tax–but the House has never approved it as a tax. If Boehner had ever brought this matter to the floor for a new vote as a tax, it wouldn’t have passed. At minimum, Boehner should resign or be forced from office for failing in his duties. The problem isn’t we the people, the problem is the corrupt political class believes we don’t exist.

You speak of Mr. Boehner corralling his members. Mr. Boehner didn’t even want most of the people we gave him in Nov. 2010. He and the GOP did their best to get them to shut up and sit down. The GOP establishment is helped by Fox News which has even given podiums to a lot of Bush crowd people to make sure democrats stay in charge and that lobbyists stay happy. Because George Bush was bad and destroyed the US two-party system, a fluke ObamaCare passed that aimed to destroy the United States and provide a permanent, massive slush fund for democrats. The slush fund part is working. The point is, I’m not going to be punished twice. Just because the Bush crowd decided to sell the country out doesn’t mean we have to sit back and do nothing to try and reverse course. We’re not here to serve politicians. They’re here to serve us. Lastly, of course, we couldn’t care less what Ms. Lagarde thinks about anything.

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