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Democrats continue violent, deadly hate speech against fellow Americans, now use word ‘jihad’ twice to describe those who peacefully and politely disagree with their view on ObamaCare, this time on the floor of Congress. What about Tucson? What about ‘Gabby opened her eyes today’?

October 3, 2013

10/2/13, “Dem. Rep. George Miller: GOP Waging ‘Jihad’ Against American People by Opposing ObamaCare

Published on Oct 2, 2013″

Rep. George Miller (D., Calif.) accused fellow California Rep. Tom McClintock (R., Calif.) of waging “jihad” against the American people by opposing Obamacare Wednesday on the House floor:

GEORGE MILLER: He was prepared to sacrifice the towns around Yosemite when he was on the jihad against American citizens getting access to health care. He was fully prepared to sacrifice the parks and the economy and fire recovery. but you know what you found out in the last 24 hours? That millions of Americans went to find health care, to sign up for health care, to get access to health care.” [Ed. note: Not correct-they only signed up for access to health insurance.] “And millions of Americans decided you’re doing the wrong thing in shutting down their government. So when you were on the jihad –

SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE: The gentleman’s time has expired.

MILLER: Shutting down the parks wasn’t a problem. Shutting down NIH wasn’t a problem.

SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE: The gentleman’s time has expired.

MILLER: Mr. Chairman, they thought it was —

SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE: The gentleman’s time has expired. The gentleman is out of order. The gentleman is out of order.

MILLER: Oh, ok.

SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE: the gentleman is not recognized. the gentleman from Virginia the gentleman from Idaho.

MIKE SIMPSON: Mr. Speaker, I am disgusted that the gentleman from California would actually use the word “jihad” on the floor of the House. We should all reject his comments and he should be censored but I won’t call for it.”” via Atlas Shrugs


Among comments at Atlas Shrugs:


Teresa Rice said…

By mischaracterizing the term jihad he is diminishes the harmful nature of the word. But these Dems sure do like to pervert words meanings to fit their agenda.

The usual inversion – Reps are doing jihad.
But the Dem would never say that Moslems are doing it.

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Comment: Those who can’t defend their own position are left with nothing to do but name call others, no concern for civil society or respect for taxpayers who pay all the bills.

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