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NOAA scientists in 2008 said 15 years of no warming would prove climate predictions and models invalid. Scientists write to UN Sec. Gen.: “Global warming that has not occurred cannot have caused the extreme weather of the past few years.”

June 2, 2013
134 scientists wrote to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in Dec. 2012 disputing his claims about climate warming and asking him to desist from alarmist and exploitative statements. The scientists cited NOAA’s 2008 statement that 15 years without warming would invalidate methods that claimed rising CO2 would cause a corresponding rise in temperatures. NOAA citation in letter followed by NOAA text:
 The NOAA “State of the Climate in 2008” report asserted that 15 years or more without any statistically-significant warming would indicate a discrepancy between observation and prediction. Sixteen years without warming have therefore now proven that the models are wrong by their creators’ own criterion.”…(2nd parag. fr. end of letter)

Global warming that has not occurred cannot have caused the extreme weather of the past few years.”…


State of the Climate in 2008, NOAA report

Following is NOAA reference that

models have failed: 
p. S23, blue page, middle column:

“The simulations rule out (at the 95% level) zero trends for intervals of

15 yr or more, suggesting that an observed absence of warming

of  this duration is needed to create a discrepancy
with the expected present-day warming rate.
In 2008 NOAA expressed concern that lack of rising temperatures
reflected poorly on its prediction methods,  
despite rising CO2. Pages S22 and S23 of report:
From 2008 NOAA report 

page S22 (blue page) headline: Do global temperature trends over
the last decade falsify climate predictions?
Comment: Scientists have known for years
CO2 doesn’t cause rising temperatures.
Which means the political class has known
but pretended they didn’t. This is how steaming,
rancid, genocidal Banana Republics operate.

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