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Alan Dershowitz predicts Boston bomber will either make a plea deal with gov. or use the trial to justify his ‘extremist, jihadist principles’

April 23, 2013

4/22/13, “Dershowitz: Either Tsarnaev Will Plead Out Or Use The Trial To ‘Martyr’ Himself And Publicize Militant Views,” MediaIte, Noah Rothman

Harvard University Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz told the hosts of CNN on Monday that the trial of accused Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, would not be a typical criminal prosecution. Dershowitz speculated that either Tsarnaev would take a plea bargain in which he would give authorities tips about other terrorist networks, or he will martyr himself and use the trial to broadcast his militant ideology.

CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield detailed the charges against Tsarnaev, which include conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and malicious destruction of property. The charges carry the potential to receive the death penalty.

Dershowitz said that, having read the affidavit, the government has what he described as an “ironclad” case against Tsarnaev.

“My prediction is this case is not going to go down like an ordinary criminal trial,” Dershowitz said. There will either be a plea bargain in which he will exchange information about possible terrorist cells or training to save his life, or he’ll want to be a martyr and he’ll admit – indeed, boast – that he did it.”

Dershowitz predicted that Tsarnaev would use the trial to justify his actions through “extremist, jihadist principles.”(video at link)




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  1. james permalink

    the winds have not shifted…. but this is not seen as a terrorist attack. what is it then? what is being done to stop bombings but alot in gun banning. something doesn’t smell right in all this… or is it just me? is it true that michelle visited arabs but not the victims in the hospital in boston that were the american people injured… is it false or true?what about ft.hood,tx. nov.5,2009 nisal hasan that too was looked at as not terrorism. something is very wrong. is it true or false that guns and tanks & ect are going to countries that hate americans? some how it doesn’t make me feel too safe or have much trust in how our leaders are viewing the pepole in america… like we are the terrorist but when we are attacked .. saying that isnt terrorist.why did the bomber leave usa in 2011. it seems if a terrorist was guilty when asked would say they did it alone… seeing where their views where would only and could only say it was a terrorist attack against all american’s… i may be wrong but what other way is it ?just my way of seeing this as we each see things in our own way.all this makes you feel like our government is not looking out for we the people.and when our founding fathers are viewed as terrorist that just doesn’t seem right to me when the battle was in fact to give rights and freedoms and stoping the high taxing… when most can’t even take a vacation now days but our leaders take many and on the high taxes something very wrong w/ this picture… when i can not open my eyes to see what is going on and someone has to tell me what i want or how i should think… is that freedom of my own mind or heart? and if anyone states these view are told by many that they watch fox news… i do not but i can see and i can think.

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