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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, the Pope, and the Timeline: Mrs. Sandra Whitehouse and Deepwater Wind

April 1, 2013


3/22/13, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) lacking science to back his claim of US CO2 terror invoked the new Pope, inferring that when the new Pope expressed concern for “God’s creation” he meant concern for sacred bank accounts of Sheldon Whitehouse and his offshore wind turbine consultant wife Dr. Sandra Whitehouse.

The Pope more likely meant that people like Sheldon Whitehouse who sold stocks on inside information in the 2008 financial crisis betrayed “God’s creation,” the innocent Americans he let twist slowly, slowly in the wind to suffer a terrible fate.

Whitehouse imagines the Pope would deny abundant recent scientific data that US CO2 has dropped for many years, is heading lower, and that the US leads the world in reduction of CO2.

Those like Whitehouse who claim to be strong environmentalists are the opposite,  have done nothing to stop the destruction of rainforests by organized crime’s $100 billion illegal logging trade, the murder and violent removal of indigenous people from their land to satisfy EU and UN corporate carbon trading deals, and the growth of ethanol rackets a UN official calls “a crime against humanity.”

If anything, the Pope likely thinks people who sold stocks on inside information should resign from office even if the activity wasn’t technically illegal.


Senator Whitehouse’s wife, an environmental consultant specializing in oceans and offshore wind turbine regulation, shares his false notions about US CO2 terror despite scientific consensus that US CO2 has dropped for many years, is heading lower, and that US CO2 could go to zero and it would have little or no effect on the planet because China’s high emissions are heading higher:

3/7/13, “How weekly Senate ‘wake-up’ calls for climate action started with a seaside romance,” ClimateWire, Evan Lehmann, E&E reporter

Sandra Whitehouse says the climate issue is not restricted to their professional lives. It also comes home.

I think you’re irresponsible in this day and age if you aren’t discussing it on a fairly regular basis, and what you can do to get on the oar and pull to help mitigate our impending future if we don’t do anything,” she said.” (item at end of article)


As a point of interest separate from CO2, the scientific consensus states that the planet hasn’t warmed in at least 15 years.


5/3/10, “Timeline: Dr. Sandra Whitehouse and Deepwater Wind,

April 2008Deepwater Wind is established.

September 2008(RI) State panel selects Deepwater Wind out of six other competitors to build a wind farm off the Rhode Island coast.

January 2009 – Gov. Donald L. Carcieri signs a joint development agreement with Deepwater Wind.

June 2009Dr. Sandra Whitehouse was an expert panelist recommending wind turbines in US oceans at Washington, DC. conference, “Fueling the Future: The Ocean’s Role in a Comprehensive Energy Policy, Capitol Hill Ocean Week.  Dr. Whitehouse’s Power Point Presentation, June 2009.

“September 2009 – The Quonset Development Corporation applies for a TIGER grant (Transportation Investments Generation Economic Recovery) for infrastructure upgrades at the Quonset Business Park.

October 2009Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, along with other members of the Rhode Island Congressional delegation, sign a letter encouraging the Secretary of Transportation to award federal stimulus funds to Quonset Business Park, where Deepwater Wind plans to build a staging area for wind turbines.

November 2009 Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s wife, Sandra Whitehouse, accepts a job as a consultant with Deepwater Wind, according to reports in both The Providence Journal and the Providence Business News.

February 2010A $22.3 million stimulus grant is awarded to Quonset Business Park. Among the items the grant will be used for is a crane that will be used by Deepwater Wind and new roads leading to the site that will be used by the wind energy company.”…

March 2010- “In March, the Rhode Island Public Utility Commission dealt the (Deepwater) plan a major blow when it rejected a proposed 20-year power purchase contract between Deepwater Wind and National Grid, saying the cost of energy generated by Deepwater Wind would have been too expensive.”…

April 2010--“A new bill filed April 29 in the Rhode Island Senate, would bypass the PUC, authorizing four state agency directors to give the go-ahead on the project. “…

Oct. 2010,Deepwater Wind investor cancels IPO

Dec. 2012“The federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has drawn up rules to auction the rights for those offshore contracts—and all these developers will have to compete with others for the rights to build their turbines at sea.” Deepwater will have to start over and compete for offshore Rhode Island leases at an auction to be held by the federal government.

Feb. 2013- Reacting to news that it will have to compete again for offshore Rhode Island leases, “Deepwater Wind said the auction model leaves little room for state governments to participate, even though they control the most difficult aspect of wind farm development: approval for power purchase agreements (PPAs).The proposed auction method requires developers to pay large up-front fees, Deepwater said, followed by site assessments and annual rent for those that win leases. No developer will be able to pay these costs, because none of the proposed projects has a PPA, Deepwater argued.”

March 2013– “CEO of Deepwater Wind, the company Rhode Island chose to build a demonstration project...said he worries that his company could lose out in the federal auction, despite the work it has done to develop the first large-scale wind farm off Rhode Island.…The federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has drawn up rules to auction the rights for those offshore contracts—and all these developers will have to compete with others for the rights to build their turbines at sea.”

March 2013– “A subcommittee of the Coastal Resources Management Council has denied Deepwater Wind’s request to have a nearly $700,000 fee waived on its application to build a wind farm in waters near Block Island.” “Deepwater has argued that the application fee should be waived since it has contributed more than $3 million to an ocean study.


Deepwater Wind began with two JP Morgan investors:

6/28/2010, “The Company behind Deepwater Wind,” Block Island Times, via

A recurring question that has dogged the proposed Block Island wind farm is: where did Deepwater Wind come from?

Deepwater’s origins stretch back to 2005, when Bryan Martin and David Hang, then with the financial giant JP Morgan, purchased a small wind company called Winergy, which at the time was developing a small offshore wind installation off of Plum Island.

When Martin and Hang made the move to the investment firm the D. E. Shaw group in 2005 and 2007, respectively, they led the purchase of Winergy.

Martin is now a managing director at the D. E. Shaw group, and Hang is a senior vice president; as of April, the firm had $22 billion in investment and committed capital.

In April 2008, Winergy became Deepwater Wind.

The D. E. Shaw group made a sizable investment in Boston, Mass.-based First Wind in 2006….

A Deepwater subsidiary is also the lead developer for New Jersey, where it gained permission to erect a Met tower….

There’s no question offshore wind is much more expensive than existing power sources, Martin concedes.”…

  • =====================================

“Producing electricity is not necessary to be profitable.”

4/13/2010, “Industrial Wind and the Wall Street Cap and Trade Fraud,”, James Hall

“Financial scandals are not new. Schemes to leverage risk and cheat the public are mainstays of the mad “Cap and Trade” stratagem, in the ongoing war, against genuine free enterprise. The latest ploy is the industrial wind swindle….

“The latest rage out of the boiler room sharks that hawk new equity issues touts alternative energy. The hype that is coming out of Wall Street resembles the internet band wagon before the bust . . . Goldman Sachs rushes to finance the offers with their expertise – using other peoples’ money . . . Understand from the outset, that producing useful energy is not the prime objective of wind projects.”

The pending First Wind Holdings Inc. SEC S-1 and S-1A application for an IPO readily admits that producing electricity it is not necessary to be profitable.

Understanding the complexity of industrial wind can be a challenge. The derogative knock NIMBY, is meant to deceive and distract from the reality that an ill “Wall Street” wind blows behind the heretical doctrine of global warming.

Trading, hedging, swaps, options and futures are all part of the payday that Wall Street sees for supporting the wind industry. The hoax is real and defies any minimum standard of accountability….

In September 2009, after First Wind affiliates received $115 million in federal stimulus money, $74.6 million of which for the Cohocton NY project, U.S. Rep. Eric J. Massa (D-N.Y.) wrote to President Barack Obama, calling the grants “very alarming” and saying the company “abused the public trust. “No electricity has been produced for sale out of the projects,” but the company “has already collected production rewards for non-existent energy,” Massa told Obama.

Back in the First Wind SEC IPO application is the acknowledgement that hedging on REC’s was a common practice. One of the projects inclusive in non-existing electric production hedging was the proposed Prattsburgh, NY development. That venture was never built and the developer ultimately made a formal withdrawal from the town and terminated their land leases.

Will the public get an accurate account if those hedges were legal or complied with government regulations? Do not expect federal authorities to keep First Wind honest. The financial ownership of First Wind resides with Madison Dearborn and DE Shaw hedge funds, 42 % for each firm. Madison Dearborn has friends in high places, Rahm Emanuel being one.”…


10/28/10, “Deepwater Wind investor cancels IPO,” Providence Business News, Chris Barrett

First Wind Holdings LLC, an investor in Deepwater Wind, has cancelled an initial public stock offering scheduled for Thursday….

In 2008, First Wind provided Deepwater with a $3.4 million investment and today it owns approximately 10.3 percent of the company’s outstanding voting interest, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The two companies also share an investor – hedge fund D.E. Shaw & Co. – and many board members. First Wind describes itself as holding “significant influence but not control over Deepwater.”…

First Wind had been trying for two years to go public, delayed by a market cool to initial public offerings in light of the turmoil in equity markets during the last few years….

But the company is laden with red ink. Eight-year-old First Wind lost $61 million last year, continuing a string of losses over the years, according to SEC filings. The company also held $449.2 million in long-term debt as of Sept. 30.

And this week, First Wind revised down the expected price for shares.”…


11/2011, “FULL DETAILS: How Congress Insider Traders Abused The Public’s Trust During The Financial Crisis,”

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island also made a flurry of trades in the days after the Paulson-Bernanke meeting with legislators. 

At minimum, Whitehouse sold $250,000 in the stocks below between September 18-24, 2008.  He may have sold as much as $600,000 in the stock below according to disclosures. Here are the losses he avoided in the next month.”…


3/22/13, “Carbon taxes spurned in Senate budget vote, The Hill, Ben Geman

The Rhode Island Democrat suggested the new Pope would be on his side.

We have a new Pope, Pope Francis, who said last week that our relation with God’s creation is not very good right now,” Whitehouse said.

God’s creation runs by laws — the laws of nature, the laws of physics, the laws of chemistry, and God gave us the power of reason to understand those laws,” added Whitehouse, who speaks often on the floor about the dangers of climate change.

But they are not negotiable, they are not subject to amendment or appeal, and the arrogance of our thinking that they are is an offence to his creation,” he said.

Blunt countered Whitehouse’s analysis of the Pope.

I know the Pope also mentioned — more times that he mentioned carbon tax — helping the poor,” said Blunt.

He said carbon taxes would hurt the economy and struggling families, noting, “the most vulnerable among us are the most impacted by this.”

Blunt also said a carbon tax would hurt manufacturing. “Energy intensive jobs are the first to go when utility prices get uncompetitive,” he said later in the debate.

“We ignore carbon pollution at our peril, and we have subsidized it long enough. It is past time to wake up from our sleepwalking,” he said.”…
Global warming pause, Der Spiegel, Jan. 2013:
1/18/13, “Climate change: scientists puzzle over halt in global warming,” Der Spiegel, by Axel Bojanowski (translation from German by google)
“How much our climate is warming real? NASA researchers have shown that the temperature rise in 15 years takes a break. At the same time, there are indications that shifts the problem: The environment could be a completely different place preliminary heat….

“The stalemate has led to the suggestion that global warming had stopped,” admits the Nasa.

The British Met Office forecast even more recently that the temperature interval could continue at a high level until the end of 2017 despite the rapid increase in greenhouse gas emissions . Then global warming would pause 20 years. How many years, this is a now common question, because the temperature would still falter, climate scientists to rethink their forecasts of future warming?…

Scientists previously thought, fourteen years without further warming were to bring into line with their forecasts – but not “15 years or more,” as NASA scientists four years ago in the journal “Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society” konstatierten . A renowned scientist wrote on 7 May 2009 in an e-mail to colleagues, as the heating pause had lasted eleven years: “The non-trend [of temperatures] would take 15 years before we need to worry about [our results].”

15 years without warming the air near the ground is now over. The stalemate in the average temperature shows that the uncertainties of climate predictions are surprisingly large.”…


News of US CO2 plunge has been described as:


9/27/12, “Illegal logging nets organized crime up to 100 billion dollars a year, INTERPOL–UNEP report reveals,”


10/2/12, “How organized crime groups are destroying the rain forests,” Washington Post, Brad Plumer


Honduran farmers alleged killed by private climate militias, EurActiv

10/3/11, “Carbon credits tarnished by human rights ‘disgrace’,” EurActiv, Arthur Neslen

The reported killing of 23 Honduran farmers in a dispute with the owners of UN-accredited palm oil plantations in Honduras is forcing the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) executive board

to reconsider its stakeholder consultation processes.”…


10/28/11, “UK firm’s failed biofuel dream wrecks lives of Tanzania villagers,” UK Guardian, Damian Carrington

“Many say biofuels actually increase pollution. The G20 meeting next week will discuss the issue, following a stark report it received in June from the

The situation in Kisarawe is heartbreaking, but the real tragedy is that it is far from unique. Communities across Africa and beyond are losing their land as a result of the massive biofuel targets set by our government,” said Josie Cohen at development group ActionAid.”…


7/5/12, “Guatemala farmers losing their land to Europe’s demand for biofuels,” UK Guardian, John Vidal

Indigenous smallholder farmers are being violently evicted as companies move in to satisfy Europe’s hunger for biofuels”

Helicopters with armed men leaning out were flying overhead, private security guards and paramilitary forces were attacking people, and houses and crops were being burned. The farmers could not speak Spanish and needed help dealing with the police, as well as legal advice on how to stop giant biofuel companies taking their land.”…


As of Feb. 2012, no Antarctic ice lost in past 30 years per AGU, American Geophysical Union:

Feb. 21, 2012, “A new, high-resolution surface mass balance map of Antarctica (1979–2010) based on regional atmospheric climate modeling,” J. T. M. Lenaerts,1 M. R. van den Broeke,1 W. J. van de Berg,1 E. van Meijgaard,2 and P. Kuipers Munneke1, American Geophysical Union, Geophysical Research Letters

Received 17 January 2012; accepted 21 January 2012; published 21 February 2012.

page 4. “3.4. Trend

[15] We found no significant trend in the 1979–2010 ice
sheet integrated SMB components, which confirms the
results from Monaghan et al. [2006].”…


4/14/11, “Biggest Drop in U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions,” World Climate Report

In 2009, greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. experienced their biggest drop since the U.S. Energy Information Administration began tracking them during the 1990-2009 timeframe.

Figure 1. Annual carbon dioxide emissions from the United States (blue) and China (red), 1990-2009 (data source, EIA)….

The EIA’s latest numbers on greenhouse gas emissions can be found in their just released report “Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the United States 2009.”…

Currently China adds to its total CO2 emissions an equivalent of 10% of the U.S. baseline emissions each year. So, if everything went according to plan, as the U.S. worked to reduce its emissions by 20% by 2020, China meanwhile will have increased their total by about quadruple that amount. And the numbers get worse from there.

So you can see the inherent silliness in using “climate change” as a reason for pushing for reductions in U.S. carbon dioxide emissions.”…

(Even if global temps. had increased in recent years, US CO emissions couldn’t have been the reason. As it is for the foreseeable future, US CO2 could go to zero and it wouldn’t affect the world. China’s emissions control global emissions. The contiguous US is only 1.5% of the planet. ed.).


4/4/2008, “UN chief calls for review of biofuels policy,” UK Guardian, Julian Borger

Ban Ki-moon speaks out amid global food shortage, 33 countries facing unrest as families go hungry”

The UN’s own special rapporteur on the right to food, Jean Ziegler,

called biofuels “a crime against humanity”,
and called for a five-year moratorium….

The UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, has called for a comprehensive review of the policy on biofuels as a crisis in global food prices – partly caused by the increasing use of crops for energy generation –

  • threatens to trigger global instability.”…


3/20/13, “Corn Ethanol Fuels Riots” Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
The ethanol scam is a staple of big banks, a matter of  ‘national security‘ to them:
“The facts, they say, show that ethanol is now bolted on to the core of three huge industries: energy, meat and banking….Corn can be a national security issue for this country,” said Curt Covington, senior vice president for agricultural and rural banking at Bank of the West, the second largest commercial lender to U.S. farmers. “That’s where we are right now.””…
3/28/11, “Biofuels Policy May Kill 200,000 Per Year in the Third World,” PR Newswire, Tucson, Ariz.
U.S. and European policy to increase production of ethanol and other biofuels to displace fossil fuels is supposed to help human health by reducing “global warming.” Instead it has added to the global burden of death and disease.”
Even NY Mayor Bloomberg, a CO2 endangerment profiteer, says ethanol causes mass starvation.  A UN official called biofuels a “crime against humanity” in 2008:
Biofuels have driven up global food prices by 75 percent, according to the Guardian report, accounting for more than half of the 140 percent jump in price since 2002 of the food examined by the study.”…
3/15/13, “Smells Like Progress: Here’s a Biofuel That Doesn’t Stink,”  Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
“Corn ethanol…starves the world’s poor by raising food prices and has been shown to actually increase greenhouse gas emissions. Yet misguided greens and big agriculture have successfully lobbied to secure billions of dollars in government subsidies for corn ethanol in one of America’s biggest energy boondoggles.”…
  • ======================
  • =======================
Global pressure on the United States to relax its ethanol quota mounted on Thursday as the top World Bank food official said an “immediate, temporary suspension” of the mandate could help head off another world food crisis.”…
11/16/12, “EPA rejects governors’ requests to waive ethanol mandate,” Houston Chronicle, Jennifer Dlouhy
Ed. question: If the political class isn’t committing genocide via the ethanol scam, then what is genocide?
In 2009, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the United States saw their largest absolute and percentage decline (405 million metric tons or 7.0 percent) since the start of EIA’s comprehensive record of annual energy data that begins in 1949, more than 60 years ago.  While emissions have declined in three out of the last four years, 2009 was exceptional.”…

6/4/12, “Climate change stunner: USA leads world in CO2 cuts since 2006,” Vancouver Observer, Saxifrage
“Not only that, but as my top chart shows, US CO2 emissions are falling even faster than what President Obama pledged in the global Copenhagen Accord.”…
Top photo, smoke announcing new Pope.

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