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ClimateGate 3.0: Worried the public will learn about their connection with WWF, should they use ‘Union of Concerned Scientists’ instead?

March 16, 2013

3/15/13, “Climategate 3.0: Worries about public learning that WWF funded the list of scientists; ‘It will be perceived to be biased’,” Junk Science, Steve Milloy

from: Mike Hulme
subject: Re: Climate Statement Version 4

OK, I will make contact with 4-5 people (including John Mitchell) and see what comments I get back. Does Bert Bolin rank as one of your top scientists? He is
receiving an Honorary Degree from our University today and if I see him when he
calls by I could mention the idea to him. What do you think? or do you wish to
wait until we have an initial reaction from people?

About WWF …. I still feel a little uncomfortable using a ‘loaded’ organisation like WWF to distribute the statement. It may well detract from the statement

as it will be perceived to be biased.

But it’s difficult to know how else we can enlist widespread support. Is there not an organisation called the Union of Concerned Scientists – would this do the job?

I will think some more about it.
Mike” via Tom Nelson


Ed. note: I didn’t see a date for the email, I’ll fill that in if it becomes available.

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