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As Al Qaeda advances across Africa, French president Francois Hollande leads the world in the fight against terrorist savages

January 17, 2013

1/16/13, “On Eve of Obama’s Second Inauguration, Al Qaeda Opens New Front,” Breitbart, Joel B. Pollak

Ironically, it is France’s Socialist president, François Hollande, who has taken the lead in the fight against terror, warning that the fight in Mali could be a long one, and declaring that French forces will remain there until Al Qaeda is routed and the country’s legitimate government has been restored.

Though he shares the Obama administration’s enthusiasm for taxes, Hollande takes a different view of international leadership….

The Obama administration has remained largely disengaged from the widening war against Al Qaeda, and the U.S. media has likewise remained uninterested. Coverage of the attacks on U.S. embassies on Sep. 11, 2012 was muted, and the media has since shown little interest in the cover-up surrounding the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya which saw four Americans killed, including the U.S. ambassador.”…


Unfortunately, the Obama administration’s $600 million allegedly elite African anti-terror effort actually trained the soldiers who defected to Al Qaeda, led the takeover of the elected Mali government, cutting off peoples’ hands, whipping women who went out of the house and the like. They also use child soldiers. Stunned, France is trying to clean up after the depraved actions of Obama and the US and return Mali to its people:

1/14/13, “French strikes in Mali supplant caution of US,”  NY Times, Adam Nossiter, Eric Schmitt and Mark Mazzetti

For years, the United States tried to stem the spread of Islamic militancy in the region by conducting its most ambitious counterterrorism program ever across these vast, turbulent stretches of the Sahara….

But as insurgents swept through the desert last year, commanders of this nation’s elite army units, the fruit of years of careful American training, defected when they were needed most — taking troops, guns, trucks and their newfound skills to the enemy in the heat of battle, according to senior Malian military officials.

“It was a disaster,” said one of several senior Malian officers to confirm the defections.

Then an American-trained officer overthrew Mali’s elected government, setting the stage for more than half of the country to fall into the hands of Islamic extremists. American spy planes and surveillance drones have tried to make sense of the mess, but American officials and their allies are still scrambling even to get a detailed picture of who they are up against….

But one Special Operations Forces officer disagreed, saying, “This has been brewing for five years. The analysts got complacent in their assumptions and did not see the big changes and the impacts of them, like the big weaponry coming out of Libya and the different, more Islamic” fighters who came back.

The same American-trained units that had been seen as the best hope of repelling such an advance proved, in the end, to be a linchpin in the country’s military defeat. The leaders of these elite units were Tuaregs — the very ethnic nomads who were overrunning northern Mali.

According to one senior officer, the Tuareg commanders of three of the four Malian units fighting in the north at the time defected to the insurrection “at the crucial moment,” taking fighters, weapons and scarce equipment with them. He said they were joined by about 1,600 other defectors from within the Malian Army, crippling the government’s hope of resisting the onslaught.

The aid of the Americans turned out not to be useful,” said another ranking Malian officer, now engaged in combat. “They made the wrong choice,” he said of relying on commanders from a group that had been conducting a 50-year rebellion against the Malian state.

The virtual collapse of the Malian military, including units trained by United States Special Forces, followed by a coup led by an American-trained officer, Capt. Amadou Sanogo,

astounded and embarrassed top American military commanders….

After the coup, extremists quickly elbowed out the Tuaregs in northern Mali and enforced a harsh brand of Islam on the populace, cutting off hands, whipping residents and forcing tens of thousands to flee….

Islamist fighters have forced children to fight for them, a deterrent for any invading force, and would likely use bloody insurgency tactics.”…


The French are surprised at how beautifully trained the savages are and what magnificent weaponry they have that came from Libya:

1/13/13, “Civilians could pay heavy price as France uses air strikes to block advance of Islamist rebels,” Globe and Mail, Geoffrey York

The children were among the first civilian casualties of a rapidly escalating military offensive. French warplanes launched attacks on at least five towns in central and northern Mali on the weekend, and there are growing fears that civilians could be caught in the middle of the fighting….

What has really struck us is how up-to-date their equipment is, and the way they’ve been trained to use it,” a French presidential official told Agence France-Presse.

At the start, we thought they would be just a load of guys with guns driving about in their pick-ups, but the reality is that they are well-trained, well-equipped and well-armed.

From Libya they have got hold of a lot of up-to-date sophisticated equipment, which is much more robust and effective than we could have imagined.”” (end of article)

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