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Now that Obama’s safely ‘re-elected’ rampant vote fraud comes tumbling out, they’ll ‘ferret out” the fraud now you bet, after the damage has been irrevocably done and so many died for nothing

November 22, 2012

These cases in Iowa are just a few of many in 2012 and recent past elections. Nothing will happen other than a few ‘vows’ to ‘ferret out’ wrongdoers. Bullying works. Using the race card works.

11/21/12, “Schultz expects more voter fraud arrests in Iowa,” AP, David Pitt

Des Moines, Iowa, “Iowa’s top elections administrator is vowing to continue to ferret out fraud and to push lawmakers for a voter ID law.

Secretary of State Matt Schultz says the voter fraud cases resulting in arrests so far

  • are only the beginning.

Three more cases involving a Bosnian citizen living in Clive and two Canadians who were living in Shenandoah were announced on Wednesday. They are charged with election fraud for registering

and voting in Iowa without U.S. citizenship.

Two Canadian citizens and

  • a citizen of Mexico and
  • two convicted felons

who allegedly registered to vote also have been charged.

Schultz says it’s likely more arrests will come as the Iowa Criminal Investigation Division works through a list of more than 1,200 people he believes registered to vote without citizenship.” via Free Republic


among comments:


Sgt Schultz will arrest? And then what? An election re-do like we forced the Ukraine a few years back? Yes, WE did, dude! But never here in this paradise of perfection!”


Which explains the tantrum they threw over the citizenship question that was on Michigan ballot applications till just a few weeks before the election.”


The consequences of a government not securing a country’s borders is that a people will lose their country as we are now losing ours to an invasion of illegal immigrants. The consequences of not securing a country’s electoral processes to prevent voter fraud is the country will lose its freedom to a Thugocracy as we have lost ours to a Chicago mob run Coup d’état.”


Ed. note: The left always wins if only because the right can’t stand up to bullies. The left is willing to invest time, energy, and personnel spanning generations and has endless will to destroy ordinary Americans. The left screams and lies, says vote fraud doesn’t exist, and says you’re racist if you want voter ID. Mass media backs the bullies. The right knows they’d be bullied and ganged up on so they won’t fight. The airwaves are filled with screaming charges of racism and hate against innocent Americans, endless news of lawsuits. I saw a guy on Democracy Now a month or two ago whining to Amy Goodman. The guy was practically in tears, swearing up and down that there is no such thing as vote fraud, that he was just over “at the Brennan Center” and they said there was maybe only 1 case of voter fraud in the past decade. The US is under mob rule by any definition.

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